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Changing Weather and the Onset of Dry Skin

Who likes thirsty skin?

As the weather changes, the needs of your skin can change too! Here in Alberta, we are transitioning from summer/fall to winter and I have noticed my skin drying out significantly. Although I don’t normally use a lot of lotions in the summer, winter is another story.

One major example I notice is the skin on my face. Although I use the same cream all year (Creme de la Creme Hydrating Cream), I find I use much less in the summer than I do in the winter. I’m fortunate I’m able to use the same cream. Other people I’ve talked to have different experiences. For example, a friend of mine absolutely loves the hydrating cream I use yearround in the winter, but she finds it too greasy for her in the summer.

Another personal example is hand lotion. Although I often use the hydrating cream on my hands, I don’t carry it with me everywhere. I have a lot of lotion from various makers and stores in various bags and places I frequent, and they are very precisely picked. In the summer, I rarely use hand lotion, but when I do, I tend to go for a very small amount of light lotion. As we get into winter, sometimes the light lotions aren’t quite enough to hydrate my skin, so I use more or even go with a heavier lotion. Additionally, as a maker, I look for non-greasy lotions or a lotion I can easily apply only to the backs of my hands (cue the lotion bars we make!). My crafting bag often has a very different lotion than the one I carry in my on-the-go bag.

So, if you find yourself needing a million different lotions for a million different occasions, never fear! I’ve put together a list of local makers who make delightful lotions to help you find your perfect lotion or to try something new:

To help you find your perfect lotion (or to try something new!), we’ve put together a list of lotions from local makers:

Anchor Organics – The Landlubber smells absolutely amazing!
Hillcrest Naturals – I’ve tried a few of their lotions and they are wonderful! They also make great gift sets and minis for gifting
Lamb’s Soapworks – I’ve tried their hand and body lotion and it’s delightful! 
Shey and Lyna Naturals – How can you go wrong with chocolate? The chocolate facial scrub comes highly recommended as it moisturizes too!
Sweet as Candy – Super fun products for all ages! If you’re into vibrant colours and perhaps a unicorn or two, Sweet as Candy is the place to be!
YYC Beeswax – Our lotion bars are great for travel and day-to-day use, massage candles are perfect as the weather gets colder, and the hydrating cream is absolutely decadent if we do say so ourselves 🙂
If you have a favourite lotion by a local maker that didn’t make the list, let us know! We’re always happy to share the amazing work of other makers.