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Beeswax in Recipes: Converting Volume to Weight

If you’ve come across beeswax in recipes, you may have seen measurements in tablespoons, cups, ounces, grams, or something else. How do you know how much beeswax that really is when you’re purchasing, especially when a recipe has volume and beeswax is sold by the weight?

I like to use weight when I’m creating a recipe, so my first step is to convert all of the ingredients from volume to weight (this may be possible using a calculator online such as this one or getting a scale out and averaging 3-5 trials)

In this short post, I will share some simple conversions to make purchasing beeswax for your recipe a little bit easier. To get exact amounts for your recipe, check out our calculator below, which is perfect for converting volume to weight and vice versa!

Here are the most common conversions I’m asked about (all conversions are approximate):

1 cup of beeswax = 8 oz = 230 g (this is equivalent to half of a 1 lb block or almost 27 of the 0.3 oz blocks)

1 TBSP of beeswax = 0.5 oz = 14 g (this is equivalent to a very small amount of a 1 lb block or almost 2 of the 0.3 oz blocks)

Beeswax Volume/Weight Converter

(Can’t see the converter? Turn off your ad blocker on this page and you’ll be able to calculate away!)

Good luck with your next recipe!