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Quick and Easy Rolled Beeswax Pillar Candle

quick and easy rolled beeswax pillar

A great introduction to candle making, rolled candles are quick, easy, and less messy than hot wax candles. This tutorial gives you instructions on how to create your own mini pillar candle (~4″ tall) from beeswax sheets. Have fun!

Gather supplies:
1- ~8.5×16″ beeswax sheet
1 – pair of scissors
1 – knife or pizza cutter

Measure the halfway point on the short side of the beeswax sheet.

Make a small mark at the halfway point. 

Repeat on the other side of your sheet.

Lining up the markings you just made, use your ruler to cut a straight line across.

Now you should have two pieces. Place the pieces on top of each other to make sure they are the same size. Trim any excess.

Measure the wick against the short edge of the wax. The wick should run the full width of the wax plus extra for lighting (minimum 1/4″).

Once your wick is cut, roll the wax over the wick. This is the trickiest part! It gets easier from here.

Roll the wax tightly while paying attention to the bottom – it should stay flat! 

At the end of your first piece, slightly overlap the second piece. Continue rolling. When the seam appears on the top of the candle, gently press the pieces together.  Keep rolling to the end of the second piece.

At the end of the second piece, gently press along the seam to seal the candle.

Bravo! You have a beautiful handmade rolled beeswax candle.

Looking for supplies? We carry beeswax sheets and wick! Use our handy wick calculator on the wick page to calculate how much you’ll need.