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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mothers and mother figures are such special people! It can be a challenge to find the perfect gift that shows exactly how much you appreciate who they are and what they do. We’ve put together a few ideas here to get your creative juices flowing!

Flowers and Plants

For those who have everything, flowers can be a perfect gift! Fresh cut flowers will bring joy for a time. You can go with a dried flower arrangement for longevity (dried flowers tend to go in and out of fashion if that matters to her).

For the gardener or houseplant aficionado, live plants can make a great gift. I bought a beautiful teacup pot one year and each year, I refill it with plants for my mother to enjoy all summer long.

Where to buy:
Small Flower Floral Studio
Peaseblossoms Flowers and Stuff
Golden Acre Garden Home & Garden

Bath and Body Products

If your mother has a favorite brand or scent, pick up some of her favorite bath and body products. You could also splurge on something she would never buy for herself. In our dry Alberta climate, lotion is always useful and appreciated. The only caveat here is to make sure she’s not already overloaded with product!

Where to buy:
Lamb’s Soapworks
Hillcrest Naturals
YYC Beeswax

Tea or Coffee

Another useful gift she can enjoy on a daily basis is tea or coffee! Choose something she hasn’t tried before, splurge on a treat, or go with one of her favourites. As with the bath and body products, make sure she’s not already overloaded!

Where to buy:
Tearrific Tea
Banff Tea Co
Canmore Tea Company

Pottery or Custom Mugs

You know that tea or coffee you chose? How amazing would it be to pair it with a beautiful handmade pottery mug?! There is so much amazing talent out there, you’re sure to find a style to suit her.

Alternatively, you could create your own custom mug. Order a mug with special pictures or use your own creative design!

Whatever you decide, she’ll think of you every time she uses her mug!

Where to buy:
ShprixieLand Studios
Teresa Wyss Pottery
MoonK Studio


Well, we couldn’t put a gift guide together without adding candles could we? Try putting together a spa package with a special candle. Perhaps treating her to one of her favourites she just ran out of? How about splurging on something she’ll love but would never buy for herself? There are so many options!

Where to buy:
YYC Beeswax
Natura Soy
White Mountain Candle Co

Craft Supplies and Kits

For the creative, crafting supplies and kits can make a fantastic gift. Introduce her to a new craft she’s been dying to try! Buy something she would never splurge on herself! Beef up her supply closet with things she needs. Perhaps planning a crafting day together would be even more fun (see more on experiences below!).

Beeswax Teacup Candle DIY Kit
Beeswax Teacup Candle DIY Kit

Where to buy:
The General Bean
YYC Beeswax


The gift of time spent together is an amazing gift! Sign up for an experience together. Gift her something she can enjoy on her own or with someone she cares about. If she loves pampering, get her a manicure, pedicure, or massage. If she’s active, what about a whitewater rafting trip, spelunking adventure, or ziplining? Workshops on something she’s interested in are also great. Think gardening, crafting, cooking, and more! You can even design your own experiences to do at home such as crafting days (as mentioned above).

Where to buy:
Canmore Cave Tours
Kunda Body
The Cookbook Co Cooks


For busy mothers, sometimes time for themselves is the best gift! Offer to babysit if she has kids or take care of her responsibilities so she can have a day or evening to herself.

The most important thing to think about when gifting is to consider what she would love and appreciate. After all, the day is all about her! Happy gifting!