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Beeswax Candles

I will be the first to admit it – I have spent the majority of my life burning cheap candles. In all honesty, I didn’t know there was a difference. Since I started making beeswax candles and burning them, I’ve been surprised at just how much nicer they are.

Throughout my life, I’ve gone through candle burning phases. I burn a ton of candles for awhile and then stop, so I suppose that makes me a binge burner. Sometimes I just don’t have enough time at home to sit through a tealight burning all the way through (the cheap ones I used to buy pretty much required this because they wouldn’t light a second time if they burned for any length of time the first time around) and, to me, it just feels strange to burn them during the day. I mostly burn tealights although I have burned a jar, votive, or pillar candle on occasion. For the most part, I like tealights because they are low maintenance – no wicks to trim and no wax running everywhere. However, I think that’s going to change at least a little bit.

As I navigate many beeswax adventures, I burn test candles before they are added to the product line. It is important to have the right wick for the right candle to optimize the candle experience, and I have to say I love that part! This is part of the reason I’m getting a lot pickier about which candles I burn.

Beeswax Candle Burn Comparison
Burn test between the candles I used to burn and the beeswax candles I make now.

First, I find beeswax candles seem to warm the room a lot more than other candles. I’m not sure whether it’s the difference in the flame (it’s kind of apparent in the gif above) or the subtly sweet honey-like scent it gives off or just my imagination. I just know I like it! Second, most of the candles I’ve tested haven’t dripped wax everywhere, which is amazing! I have some taper candle holders I love, but was previously loath to use them simply because I hate cleaning up wax drippings. Third, when wicked right, very little wax remains when the candle has finished burning. I always feel guilty throwing away that last little bit of wax, and now I don’t have to!

There are many benefits to burning beeswax candles, and I feel like I’m learning more every day. Check out the latest candles I’ve been testing along with tried-and-true favourites in the candle section of our online shop.