Semi-Annual Lip Balm Subscription

$8.00 on the 1st day of every 6th month


First payment: June 1, 2024

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Hello, Lip Balm Lovers! Can you ever have too many lip balms? We think not! 🌈👄

With our semi-annual subscription, your lips are in for a treat that keeps on giving. Picture this: a delightful package arriving every 6 months from when you join, revealing not just one, but TWO lip balms—regular and mini, because we believe in options! 💄📦

🍯 The Sweet Surprise Awaits!
But here’s the twist—every time, the flavor is a mystery! It could be one of our classic, tried-and-true flavors, a sneak peek at a test flavor we’re experimenting with (you might influence the next big hit!), a limited edition surprise, or something else that’s just super cool and lip-smackingly delightful! 🌟🎁

What’s in Your Bee-Kissed Package:

  • Regular and Mini Lip Balms: Because options are the spice of life, and your lips deserve the best!
  • Flavor Surprise: A tantalizing mix of mystery flavors to keep your lips guessing and your senses delighted!
  • Exclusive Surprises: From test flavors to limited editions, expect the unexpected each quarter!

📅 How It Works:

  1. Subscribe: Join the lip balm family and select your subscription plan.
  2. Anticipate: Your package will buzz its way to you between the first and 15th of each month of your subscription
  3. Unwrap the Joy: Revel in the surprise of discovering your new lip balm treasures!

🌍 Bee-Kissed Lips, Worldwide:
We ship our lip balm love internationally! Because everyone, everywhere deserves the luxury of bee-kissed lips. 🌎💕

Ready to embark on a journey of lip balm enchantment? Subscribe now! 🐝💋

Let’s make every day a celebration of happy, hydrated lips! 💬👄

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