Pure Beeswax Chime Candles



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Enhance your ambiance with the natural glow of our pure beeswax chime candles. These tapers are meticulously hand-dipped using 100% Alberta beeswax, allowing the exquisite natural coloring of the wax to shine. As they burn, a delightful, subtle beeswax scent fills the air. Perfect for those with scent sensitivities or seeking an alternative to soy or palm waxes.


Each candle stands approximately 4.25″ (11 cm) tall
Base diameter measures approximately 0.4″ (1 cm)
Specifically designed for Christmas chime candle holders
Experience the artisanal touch of lovingly hand-crafted candles, resulting in slight variations in height and burn time.
Create a serene atmosphere with the pure beauty and gentle aroma of our pure beeswax chime candles.

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Weight0.13 kg
Dimensions2 × 2 × 23 cm


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