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Our amazing locally produced raw honey is now available in convenient single serving honey sticks. Whether you like a lot of sweetness or just a little, there’s a honey stick for you!

All honey is NOT the same. In different locations around the world, the flavor profile differs. In some places, you’ll get a light floral flavor and in others, a stronger flavor is dominant. Additionally and unfortunately, some honey is not real honey at all! We highly recommend getting to know the source of your honey when you are ready to buy. A great way to do this is to get to know your local beekeeper.

We believe in providing you with delicious honey that’s as close as you can get to the source without sticking a spoon in the hive yourself. By choosing us, you will be enjoying local flavors, supporting the local economy, and reducing your carbon footprint in one fell swoop!

Our hives are located in NW Calgary and Bearspaw. This means the bees are visiting a variety of local wildflowers and gardens. As a result, the honey has a delightful, light floral flavor. When it’s harvest time, we extract using the FlowHive technology. It comes out so clean, it’s basically ready to jar. Plus, the extraction process is fun to experience! Check out our blog post on a year of beekeeping for pictures and videos.

When you order our honey, it may come in liquid or solid form. Solid honey is crystallized, which is a naturally occurring process that happens when in its raw form over time. To liquefy your honey sticks (if needed), place them in a warm water bath. Gentle heating is important to preserve the nutritional value. Please do not use the microwave!

We are delighted to provide custom labels for your next event. From wedding favors to large corporate orders, contact us to learn more.

Not sure what to use your honey sticks for? Here are some examples of how you can integrate it into your daily life:

  • Energy boost while doing outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and more
  • Single serving sweetener for tea or coffee on the go
  • Single serving sweetener for breakfasts or salads (they work great for school or work meals!)
  • Treat for kids
  • Stocking stuffer
  • So much more!


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