Votive Mold with Wick Pin



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Our votive molds are a perfect option for creating your own beautiful candles at home. Each set comes with a seamless metal mold and wick pin. The wick pin creates a centered hole for the wick. Beeswax can be a challenge to wick properly, but we find the 104-65 pre-tabbed wick works well with votives. Our advice, however, is to try it out with the beeswax you’re using to make sure it works as you’d like it to.

To use the votive mold, place the wick pin in the mold and carefully pour beeswax until a meniscus forms. Allow the candle to completely cool before removing from the mold.

We do not use mold release to make our candles and have not run into any issues.

Caution: Metal edges may be sharp!


  • Metal mold in two pieces – wick pin and outer mold
  • Easy to use
  • Top width is 1.75″, bottom width is 1.5″, and height is 1.94

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