Pure Beeswax Birthday Candles



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Celebrate special moments with our pure beeswax birthday candles. Hand-dipped with care, these candles showcase the natural beauty of 100% Alberta beeswax. Free from dyes, they boast the charming hue of the wax and release a lovely, subtle beeswax scent as they burn. Perfect for individuals with scent sensitivities or those seeking a natural alternative.


  • Choose between single candles or buy by the dozen
  • Each candle stands approximately 2-3″ tall
  • Enjoy a burn time of approximately 20-25 minutes per candle
  • Made exclusively from 100% Alberta beeswax
  • Experience the unique craftsmanship of lovingly hand-crafted candles, resulting in variations in height and burn time.

Elevate your celebrations with the natural beauty and enchanting aroma of our pure beeswax birthday candles.

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