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Dye chips are a highly concentrated form of colour that can be used to dye waxes. For the truest colours, we recommend using white beeswax. If you are using yellow beeswax, remember to take into account the yellow colouring of the wax. It will affect the final colour.

Dye chips may vary in colour among batches, so be sure to test!

When creating a new colour, we recommend adding small amounts of dye until you achieve the desired result.  A good starting point is 1 chip per 500g of wax. Take a look at the colour chart to see what can be achieved with each shade (pleasure note these colours are based on paraffin wax – beeswax and other waxes may differ!)


  • Convenient brick form
  • Each brick measures approximately 1/2″ square by 1/8″ deep (1.5 cm square by 0.4mm deep)
  • Can be used with beeswax, soy, vegetable, paraffin, and gel waxes

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