Chakra Treasure Beeswax Votive Candle



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Made from 100% Alberta beeswax, our votives are hand poured and show off the beautiful natural colouring of the wax. As they burn, the lovely, subtle scent of beeswax is released. Each votive contains a single stone associated with a chakra which is unveiled as the candle burns. Beeswax is great option for people who have sensitivities to scents or adverse reactions to other types of waxes.


  • Alberta beeswax
  • Includes one stone associated with a chakra
  • Great for small spaces
  • Burn time: from ~21 hours
  • Each candle is lovingly hand-crafted and therefore may vary in height and burn time

Chakras and Stones

Crown (Amethyst): Develops intuition, destroys negativity

Third Eye (Apatite): Stimulates ideas, increases imagination, helps with focus

Throat (Blue Calcite): Amplifies energy, eases communication

Heart (Green Aventurine): Promotes positive attitudes and independence, enhances creative visualization

Heart (Rose Quartz): Promotes self-acceptance, brings peacefulness and love to relationships

Solar Plexus (Citrine): Attracts prosperity and success, dissipates negative energy

Sacral (Fire Opal): Promotes self understanding

Root (Brecciated Jasper): Raises energy, enhances grounding