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The Story

Do you know the story behind our lip balms? Here’s what our Queen Bee has to say:

In case you didn’t know, music is a HUGE part of my life. Growing up in rural Alberta, the schools I attended focused on athletics over arts. When I was in junior high, my school fortunately hired a real music teacher. Although she was only at our school for half a year, she put together a band of which I was delighted to be part as a flute player. Unfortunately, the band didn’t last beyond that year. My next opportunity for music was in high school. There was no question I would join the band and I absolutely loved it! In my final year of high school, our band headed to California to compete in a music festival. The year involved a lot of fundraising and I worked very hard organizing and attending events to reduce costs for everyone.

Playing at a friend’s wedding on the beach!

When I came to Calgary for university, I finally had the opportunity to get proper instruction on my instrument. As I completed my degrees, I also grew as a musician often playing gigs to help cover tuition.

Before a performance in Portugal

November and December tend to be a busy time with Christmas events and it also tends to be dry. The lip balms I used gummed up my flute, so I found myself choosing between chapped lips or scraping residue off of my instrument. Sick and tired of choosing, I decided to make my own lip balm, which turned into the product I now sell. Problem solved!

Pit orchestra!

Today, I love to teach band clinics and also have my own private students. I love supporting them as they receive a far superior musical education than I had the opportunity to at their age. I also know the challenges arts programs face in fundraising. For that reason, I wanted to create a fundraiser for bands to use as a one-off campaign or a continuous fundraiser with a product made by a musician for musicians.

– lisa

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