Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few questions we get asked on a regular basis. Hopefully yours is covered here!

1. Will you be at a market near me?

All of our confirmed markets are on our calendar. Take a look to see where we’ll be in the near future! As new markets are confirmed, we will add them to the calendar.

2. Do you have a retail location?

At this time, we do not have a brick and mortar store. We are happy to accept orders to ship or for local pickup. We have an outdoor secured box available 24/7 at our headquarters in NW Calgary (unless your order is temperature sensitive such as beeswax sheets during the winter!). You are also welcome to pick your order up at one of our markets. If you choose the local pickup option, please specify the market at which you’d like to pick up your order (click here for a calendar of upcoming markets). If you don’t specify, we will place your order in our outdoor secured box and email you the exact address and code.

PLEASE NOTE: As we practice physical distancing for COVID-19, we are only shipping and using our outdoor box for pickup at this time. The lock will be sanitized throughout the day.

3. Holy cow! $15 shipping for a lip balm!?!? What’s with that?

It does NOT cost $15 to ship a lip balm and we will automatically refund any shipping overages. Once the final shipping amount is confirmed, we will refund the difference before completing your order. If you have any questions about our shipping overage refund process or would like a quote for your order before you submit it, please feel free to contact us.

4. Can I pick up my order locally instead of getting it shipped?

Yes! Please place your order online and choose the ‘Local Pickup’ option at checkout. If you would like to pick up your order at one of our markets, please specify which one in the order comments (click here for a calendar of upcoming markets). Otherwise, we will email you when your order is ready for pickup at our headquarters in NW Calgary (24/7 in our secured outdoor box).

5. Where can I pick up my order?

Orders can be picked up at one of our markets (please specify in the order comments when you are checking out – click here for a calendar of upcoming markets) or our headquarters in NW Calgary (at our 24/7 outdoor secured box). We will give you the exact address when your order is ready for pickup.

6. If I place my order now, can I pick it up today?

The short answer is it depends. Many of our products are made to order and in most cases it will take a day or two minimum for us to get your order finished. On top of that, our workshop is on the other side of the city, so we often have to plan in advance to get there! Occasionally, we’re able to do same day orders if you catch us at the right time in the right place (this doesn’t happen often!). Planning to give us at least a few days is best! If you do catch us at the right time to do a same day order, it will usually be available for pickup late evening (after 8 or 9pm).

7. Can I order ___lbs/oz/g/kg of beeswax?

Yes! The easiest way for us to get your wax to you is by placing an order online. You can find all of our beeswax here.

8. Do you sell beeswax pellets/pastilles?

At this time, we do not sell beeswax pellets/pastilles. However, our 0.3 oz blocks may work for your project instead!

9. Do you accept requests for donations?

Yes! Please fill in our donation request form here. We only accept donation requests via this form.

10. I placed an order. Now what?

If you’ve chosen to have your order shipped, we will ship it as soon as it’s ready and add a tracking number to your order. 

If you’ve chosen the Local Pickup option, we will send you an email when your order is ready (see FAQ 5 for more information on picking up your order).

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us!

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